Mortgage rates barely budged, yet again today.  But that's not such a bad thing considering they are very close to 3-year lows.  On top of that, among the lenders with detectable changes today, most were in a friendly direction.  Bottom line, the most prevalent conventional 30yr fixed quote remains 3.625% on top tier scenarios.  Several of the best-priced lenders are down at 3.5% and a few are still stuck at 3.75%.  

It should be noted that bond markets have been moving more than lenders' rate sheets these days.  Today was another good example.  Normally, the amount of improvement seen in today's bond markets would have resulted in a more noticeable improvement in mortgage rates.  The takeaway is that when rates are this low, lenders have little incentive to keep up with the pace suggested by bond markets.  While this does help insulate us against volatility, to some extent, it also means it will take a very big move in markets to push rates much lower from here.